Aaron Crosley

Rookie (October 8th,1993)

Path Of Salvation - Poem by Aaron Crosley

They urged me to seek salvation in christ, to walk the path laid down by our heavenly father.
they wanted me to call his name and open my soul to his will,
and to follow blindly where they led.

I declined their offer,
but I did not tell them the truth,
the reason I chose not to walk in their path.

I had already given up on god, on the salvation of christ.
my prayers had gone unanswered for too long,
my soul had remained unmoved,
and my heart still ached with emptiness.

I sensed that it would remain that way so long as i called the name of christ,
so i shed his name from my lips,
removed his influence from my mind,
and began my life anew.

I found my solace not in a god,
but with the world itself.

My life became one of observation and reflection,
the essence of my soul was now bound, not to the fabled god, but to the earth itself.
i began to see the web of life, the intricate bonds between all living beings,
the flow of energy that formed the basis for every event in the universe.

For the first time in my life, i have felt truly happy.
I walked not on the the path, but in the wilds of my own soul.
My journeys revealed to me the workings of my own mind,
and sweet temptation of power in its purest form.

The powers of my own mind slowly became apparent to me,
lying dormant for so many years.

I held them close to me,
and nutured them well,
so that they shall work in my favor.

I trained my mind at every spare moment,
desperate to unlock every secret within.

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