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Pathétique - Adagio Lamentoso - Poem by Random Poet


It was dewy
The day I watched
His soul moved lone
As I strolled past him
I remember a scene for which
he came too late to see.

A dropp of tear
next a numb air
Then I go
In to see his smile

I move
And I breathe
Like as if I sleep
On clouds.

I hear rain drops
And music notes
As he plays the piano.
Light tones
and smooth notes
That blow

Wind cross my cheeks.

I shuffle to the grave mood
As the distance between us
Shows not disparity so strong,
but truly a distance of words.
'If a composer could say
what he had to say in words,
he would not bother trying
to say it in music.'

Then the night air caresses the little nocturnes
And attempts to steal away Reason
From my emotional cradle
Scares away the woes
Oh how queer the music becomes!
A slight cross-motion,
A dance!
A beam
By the candle in the window!

It echoes
In the spheres of life.


But it then pulls me back to this world
I realise life is the ultimatum.
And I realise he is still playing.
I wonder,
even Beethoven and Mozart.
and Tchaikovsky,
all had to finish playing one day.
It was that day
He would be like them.

So I assure myself,
as Music is the spiritual realm,
he will still play
if I thus bring out Silence,

and he smiles,
which continues to last.

The piece ends in
But I have already made that choice.

'Amazing grace,
How sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.'
I sing to him.
But he will never sing back.

The water drips
Drop by dropp into the gutter,
Creating music which
He could have.

And the music floats into
the soul.
And I feel the intensity.
The aggressiveness!
And I connect with it,
A true linking,
So I take his Silence,
and I take his hand,
and we move off from there.
His smile still lingering, but

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 28, 2011

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