Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pay Attention! Part 2 (Listen With Your Eyes)

Pay Attention Part 2 (listen with your eyes)

Pay attention!
Truly watch the one you’re with and you’ll see what most miss
Let them do the speaking, and watch closely while listening
Don’t think what your reply shall be, as most people are want to do
nor interrupt or comment while they speak.
Instead, listen superficially and observe hypercritically.

As much of communication involves facial contortions
and body gyrations, as does the actual uttering of words and sound
Follow the subject matter with sufficient attention, enough
To satisfy your speakers desire to speak, then endeavour to
Observe the amazing physicality involved
In this most multi-faceted, supremely descriptive,
intricate act of tacit communication

Watch, and hear with your eyes!
Observe the unceasing gymnastics of your speaker’s dancing eyebrows
Note the many times that only one brow arches high
When expressing derision, disdain, or contempt
Note the ‘window-shade-flying-up’ effect
When your speaker expresses surprised amazement
As much optically, as orally, in their discourse

Listen to their expressions!
Watch the subtle interplay of eyelids as they slowly lower
To narrow the openings, so as to express deep suspicions
Or intense examination in their subject, and more yet,
To flutter like bird’s wings, in excited exasperation

Listen lightly and observe heavily!
Tis almost a sure occasion that in your daily discourses
You but allow to pass unnoticed this rich melange of mute communication
This most primal means of information transport
That is passed in passed in utter silence
Yet loudly, says so much

Please pay attention!
Or you will surely, unknowingly miss
Much of this very outspoken, richly textured
Delightfully expressed communication, audible, not to one’s ear
But only through one’s eyes, and then only to those privileged few
Who know to see, when one speaks

If my overblown orations and ruminations arouse a bit of interest, please let me know and I’ll continue
With a Part III
David Whalen

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