Pen Release - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

Ugliness fills the mind

Turns dark and empty

Why come into an affair full of contention and strife

Is the reason the pain exist is because the

Irritant that picks at the underside of the skin

Digs and digs until it rattles the peace of contentment

So much that you fight to rid the eerie festering pest.

The more you fight the bigger the wound becomes.

Is it because the epidemic that is felt has and is being done

Repeatedly to you? So much to the point you can see it clear as day when it is bully practiced

By another whom never in 100 years would cross your mind as doing such acts?

Disappointment covers the heart and questionable are the intents of the person and now

The elephant is in the room pretending to be invisible.

It’s not your place to remove the monstrosity, the act was not directed towards you but it has been in the past.

Tough skin is now the armor that must be stretched to cover the open of where you placed your heart for this one.

Watching the events unfold and not being able to release the thoughts behind the feelings creates

Heartless silent whispers and Carless feelings are now the result of bearing the shared existence.

Restraining the ability of free speech.

Playing protector to another who can most definitely hold their own has increased.

It was your idea to place them in same field of dreams as you now it’s your responsibility to make sure evil and enmity is not brought upon them.

Blocking it and letting land on you is the only way but somehow a splatter got by, consumed a bit of peace turned into doubt and confusion.

Anger again gathers, silently finding ways to remove any and all disharmony fails.

Placing the pen to the pad and let it run its course until no more is to be released is the only therapy and serenity that is available to keep from making a fool out of yourself, bringing demise to others not involved and from seeing the bars of despair.

Keeping thoughts to oneself is hard when knowing the words will resonate, awaking the blind to the problem but again it’s not your place to step in and reveal the deformed pattern.

People are mazes to walk through, hit a dead end, quickly back track, find that previous path, follow the way of right before that wrong turn becomes tempting to take and traps you.

3 DEEP BREATHS... Let’s walk away.



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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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