philip teed

People In This World Hate Me - Poem by philip teed

People in this world hate me.
No one really likes me.
All they want to do is use me
No one cares to know how I think
No one cares to know how I feel
If only I had a girlfriend
That would care for me like I care for my friends
This place just gets worse as it turns.
And with every passing day, another horror unfolds.
This place and life is for no one
This fear and hatred would kill people
This happiness would make people laugh
This anger would make people cry
If only someone would actually care for me
No one in this world cares
No one in this world consideres how I could possibly feel.
I am always surrounded by people who don't know what it is like to move.
These people think it is easy,
But only if they knew.
Just how bad I feel and just how sad I am
No one could care if I die
No one could care if I lived
These people just see me as someone to dump thiere sorrow, pain, and laughter on.
Thier anger is always shown when I see it the most.
This world is not at all good
I have no one to trust and no one that really cares
All I get are insults
All I give are jokes and compliments.
Though I do give unsults,
But I recieve them 5 times as much
This is just making no sense
No sense, since this world is so evil.
This world is no where to live.
This world be better for me to die.
Then no one would have to worry about me
If only I were dead
Then I would have peace
But this world just ins't ready
For I am not ready.
this is so hectate that I wish I could die.
This is worse then hell and better then heaven
This world is so confusing since everyone cuts me down.
Why do I make friends with enemies,
And enemies with friends?
This world just doesn't make any sense to this one man
It was easier and harder as an air force brat
But if only this world could possibly undersatnd the frustration
and oh the pain I go through on a daily basis
I shall be outta here soon so for now I'll wait.
Let me see how today goes,
Before I decide what to do from here,
And leave this place forever.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 24, 2006

Poem Edited: Saturday, September 18, 2010

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