Esther Mukabi

Perfect Gentleman - Poem by Esther Mukabi

Softly spoken, gentle, kind
Appealing to the dumb and blind.
Sweet as sugar to you unless
You wear size 14 or plus dress.

Nothing but beauty for this dear chap,
Spots or wrinkles and this sap
Will curl his lip, pout and frown
And do his best to put you down.

Caring, accepting, this one ain’t
If you’re less than perfect, he may faint
From the shock of seeing your ugly mug
Or ‘comment’ on you. What a thug!

But for those of you who don’t have flaws
Those privileged few, just stop, just pause
This ‘man’ who laughs and jokes with you
Would sneer and snipe if your waistline grew!

Yes, this sad and superficial bloke
This (perfect gentleman!) would choke
If forced to talk with someone who
Is imperfect - inferior? What to do?

Can we bring ourselves to care
About pathetic men who dare
To pass dumb judgement on all those
Who are not purely flash and pose?

Shall we lose sleep over this stupid man
Who sees no further than legs and tan?
Will we cry ourselves to sleep
Maybe fret about this little creep?

Or shall we say to this sad act
That really, truly, as a matter of fact
The reality is that YOU are the joke
Just a nasty, ignorant, arrogant bloke.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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