Zanele Mavuso

Petals Of Love - Poem by Zanele Mavuso

Your love is a healing sensation
A soothing vibration
The vibes take me high
Your love keeps happy
I cannot resist the intense and scent of your skin

A lot may take me down but
you take me up
You light up my fire and
I rise to get high
You take me higher and
Keep me at climax level
for days on end with no end

Our love keeps rising to infinity and
Beyond we shall stay together
Our DNA matches like pattens
Pattens and series
A series of a true love story

When love comes to rescue
Peace becomes a permanent vacation
When Loneliness is washed away and destroyed by joy

A lot may see me invisible but
In your eyes I blossom like a flower
I am able to show my beautiful petals
I see my beauty in your eyes
when I look at you
When you look at me
I see a sparkling connection
God knows our hearts beat the same
When I minds speak the same

We intertwine when we connect
We body wind; We talk, body talk
We spiritually communicate
Telepathically dance together into a dream
We sink into each other
as if no fear or pain is set in front
Our energies interchange then
We build a stronger bridge
To cross over challenges

Our souls survive together
Going up with the same speed and pace to climax
At the top we reach a higher peak and come back
We erupt like a volcano
We lock as if fitting the right pieces to the puzzle and close
As if found your life's treasure to keep
for eternity

We balance on the scale
We correspond on a step
His my soul-mate
Balance is being fulfilled heartically

A lot has put me down but
Your love will always put me up and
Keep me strong and High

I get high; I stay High; So my flow stays high with words

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poem Edited: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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