Phantom Limb Poem by Ibn Ali

Phantom Limb

Good love's a lizard's tail,
If severed it grows,
Time permitting,
Joy is always intermittent,
Souls are borrowed,
And hearts are never stolen,
Except with a single kiss,
Dishonest lovers dilute emotions,
But the truth won't go amiss,

Even after we part,
I still feel your presence,
In absence you still exist,
Tangible to every sense,
And I find a wry smile,
More an indication of pain, than an admission of guilt,
Shy capitulation,
My latter self angered by the former,
I now possess the knowledge needed to keep you,
(After you've already left)
Youth is full of opportunity
But wisdom deficient,
Such is the irony of people,
The waves you made now meted out to ripples,
It took years to tame the storm,
Your name still drips with ease,
Perfection evades us,
But it's the curvature of the sickle that makes this blades unique,
Don't you see,
You're bespoke for me and only me,
You're like Lycra for my soul,
Give form to my desire,
Strength to love's belief,
You made me a poet,
My heart was overflowing and erupted on the page,
It was dormant before you came Now it's poem after poem,
The pen's so enamoured with the page,
He keeps kissing her, and she lets him,
And it's all in your name,
You're the spark that hit the fuel,
The switch that lit the room,
The breath you draw, that's what feeds the flame,
I don't miss you
Rather you're missing from me,
You've left me a crescent man,
Which is why I have to say
This is the last I'll write about you,
As I untie this knot,
The coarse lines grate my fingers,
But it needs to be undone,
But the crease will still remain,
To let me know where we were once.

Thursday, January 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
Ibn Ali

Ibn Ali

The Gambia
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