Please Don't Confuse Me Poem by Averie Richardson

Please Don't Confuse Me

I wish the voices were different
The good from the bad

I wish they were separated
Light and Dark so clearly divided

That the voices that told me I was awful
Weren't the ones that said I was amazing

But the voices that tell me I'm beautiful
are also the ones that told me to change

The voices that tell me to open up
Also tell me I'm too much

The ones that tell me to speak up
Are also the ones to tell me to shut up

I wish those voices were different

I wish I knew what to tell them back

But when lies are lies and truths are the same
How can I tell the difference anymore

If lies are lies and so are truths
Then how do you want me to view them

How do I tell these voices to shut up
When all they ever do is talk

Shut me up you violent voices
You violent, caring voices

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