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Poet's Anger - Poem by Leaking Pen

I try to hand net you!
You flee my capture.
I try to hunt you!
You split my arrows.
I try to woo you!
With spring's first golden honey harvest
You show me your bitter side.
I try to pet you
You bite and maim my hand
You're no friends of mine.
You're self-serving and self-promoting
Like infomercials scams late at night
Telling me what's wrong with my life
You parade your best to my face
And leave me wondering about my fate
You claim transparencies
And democratic equalities
While hiding the rest of your lot
To busy bees in dictionaries
Hoping no one else can find.
You share your hidden nuggets
And the rhyming of your puppets
To the chosen few.
You're a dictator at scripts
In control at the top…
You decide when, where and who
Deserves the cream of the crop
Shame on you! How you spread your letters
To few Men and Women under the Sun
I can count on two hands
Shakespeare, Browning, Frost, and Bishop
To name the few
Bewitching humanity with your measly tips
And musical beats with seducing lips
What about my lowly friends and me?
Left with swine in the muck.
Words…. Your mockery is bitter
But my revenge is sweeter…
I will handcuff my tongue from your kernels
And go on silent fasting till the second I expire
If God does exist?
He or She will banish you to Hell
My hate for you has no apology
My hostility for you has no horizon
If I'm in control of destiny's gates
I would relist you with the damned and the cursed
To front of the queue
Deep down the pit of oblivion.
Words…if you think you're so special and dear
The peacock of speeches and texts
Why did the Almighty?
In all his or her wisdom
The creator of all seen and unseen
Placate you at the tail
Not the helm of enlightenment
In the book of knowledge
God ranked you on purpose
At number 23 out of 26
On the scale of the Alphabet
Banished you to the X's, Y'S, and Z's
Instead of the A listings
The Allah, The Alphas, and The Adams;
Why God showed you mercy
Did not renegade you behind the Z'S ……at the end of the line
Still a mystery to me
I will ask that perplexed question
On my judgment day!
If this were a beauty pageant
You'll never make the cut
Pass the first round, the first night
Everyone back in your home birth
Wondering in heaven's name
Who chose you in the first place?
To represent the bride of your nation!
Such a disgrace…
Destroying all hope, all Inspiration!
An inquiry would be launched immediately
To flush out the sleazes
Who covered their eyes
Cashed your bribes
Then hung them on the tree of guilt
Never to be heard from again

Posted July 24th,2011
Copyright Leaking Pen 2011

Topic(s) of this poem: poetic expression

Form: Verse Paragraph

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