Kareem Sameh

Poet's Loot - Poem by Kareem Sameh

She took my heart and went away
You won't believe what I'm going to say
She hunted my little pet,
She took, and here she live in it
She stole my hearts and feelings all of it
She grows them up when ever with me she sit
She teach me how the beauty must be
And I shake my head appearing that I agree
Between everyone, between all people then
I just see her I don't see them
Between every crowd and against every noise
I just listen to her nodding, I just hear her voice
The way she looks like, like a piece of chocolate
I want to eat her, but me she just let
The way she makes up her amazing soft hair
And indescribable that when she makes a horse's tail
That from her beauty I turn pale
Just when I see her I freeze and stare
The poem is contrasting but can't describe you well
I think much time, describing I'm going to still
Still curving your name in my note
And you still the poet's loot
My love is true and powerful like a rampage
Describing my love through every page
So just a present keeping your name alive through the age
So your beauty will stay forever fresh
The poetry never die
Just being kept through the time
So you now must be shy
Because I put your name through an amazing rhyme
You'll live forever, as long this life will
And I won't leave you, never, as long as the clock keeps its drill
It's over now finally I fall in love with you
So if you carry same feelings, then life will easily go
And if not, it will go hard with me, amazing with you,
Trees gossip and god bless
And for you my heart sending a kiss

Topic(s) of this poem: Love

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 21, 2014

Poem Edited: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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