James Infinitelinz Drummond

Poetry, I Lust For You - Poem by James Infinitelinz Drummond

I lust for you in ways that makes me try to erase my thoughts.
But the image you paint with your words,
The way you capture my soul with your verbs.
I realize this is a battle I should never have fought.
To say I don't need you would only fall on deaf ears.
For the world knows I live solely because of you.

As I inhale the energy surrounding me,
I can feel you flow through me.
Until I speak your words;
You become me.
I become you.
As I lust for you.
Internally I search for you.
I need you.
I want you.

I close my eyes in hopes that I can run from you.
But all the while I'm running towards you.
Who am I kidding?
You complete me in ways that my skeletal system could never do.
When I speak the words you invoke;
I can taste you.
Even right now I'm trying to contain the salivation from the thought of you.
Mmm, your oxymoron's give me a painful joy;
But it's never enough.

At night I can't sleep because;
Its poetry I lust.
You invade my subconscious creating answers to questions I never asked.
Thriving off a spirit I use to be from my past.
At last we meet again.
My body trembles because you strike my nerves so intensely.
That I...
To breathe...

If ever your existence ceased.
Then I;
Along with you.
I can't do without you.
You're so beautiful.
The way you capture the thoughts of another;
And transform that image into a vision for all to witness, is pure genius.

The knowledge you lend through an ink filled pen is far from selfish.
I thank you for all you have taught me.
For the way you make me think.
For feeding my curiosity.
Because I love you...

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