Hans Raj Sharma

Pollution - Poem by Hans Raj Sharma

And nefarious
And suffocation
Smoke and dust
Dusk and night
And dark thick clouds
And dreadful lightning
Wraths of tempest
Blindness of storms
Where ruffians
Freely used to tease
The virgins
Kidnap innocent
Slashing their limbs
Their tongues
Their arms and legs
Forcing them to beg
A few alms
In the name of God

The core cause
Of terror
And fright
When as such
Shoddier the state
Of affairs
At that extremity
Of the moment
Mortified to return
To regain-
The Angel from abroad
The Ghoul
From his native land
The Ghost
From his pilgrimage
The Imp
From his grave
In the northeast clime
The Elf
From his eternal sleep
And the Demon
From unconsciousness
But, by the time
Brio had absolute
Of the chair.

The celestial souls
In the darkness
Of midnights
Making plots
And intrigues
Against the Prince
As they dwell
On the huge
Banyan tree
In front of
Brio’s Palace
Where from-
The critics say
Fruitless efforts
They used to make
For the fulfillment
Of missionary task.

Brio’s craving
For seduction
Of the chair
And inborn
His base nature
Imperfect personality,
Weak character
Tardy-gaited wit,
Poor cognition
Declining health
Inability to govern
Despotic his behavior,
Sense of ill-will
And cruelty
Over the helpless
Sticking the way
Or the path
Of noble mission.

For which
His predecessors
Hadb’n damned
And thrown down
On this earth
By the Supreme Soul
Now, thus aggrieved
All these Souls
Continue hovering
Over his head.

-Copy right hrsharma
Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Topic(s) of this poem: reality

Form: Elegy

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A story of son and his father reveals the modern relationship.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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