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Sit down
For a moment
Just pondering over
Over and over again

The story of sacrifices-
Exploring comedy in tragedy
With a new kind of sad music
Straight talk about broken hearts.

Politics is an entity-
Without conscience and integrity
Both devil and divine with equality!

When work or duty
Becomes a passion
One enjoys learning
The art of it


O’ lovely
Sweet bud!
Do you have?
A heart

As a poet


Walking the way
The way to go
Go work wise
Razing to rise

A few words
Lots of meanings
Beautiful to announce
If the brevity is the sole

Campaigning to make my home a heaven
For whole family-members to live and rest
Where, divine-souls get-together all evenings.
-Copyright © hrsharma ®2018

I'm really jolly and fine-
As you yourself maintaining
Or so keep trying to maintain
Smiles and laughs on thy face-

Amongst people connected to politicians
On the fast track, to immunize or vaccinate
Against all vices of all kinds, a common disease.

Science Of Life
Grand surprise dazzling with
The know how-
About the science of life!

School-courtyard Pipal Tree-
O' my school-courtyard Pipal Tree
I beseech you to teach and tell me
How to count and calculate thy age...?

Viral fever-waves of tempest
Of challenges, judgments and debuts
Social media getting abuzz with rumours
This time, negativity needs a quick check

Negative and positive
Adjustment is the life-
Balancing both the best
World market is full of pens

A game has a great attraction
Political game, a universal one
With a wall of strong framers-
Fighting it out time and again

A brush of words-
With beauty, I paint…
Not a wave but, tsunami
Out of my love and care for

Each moment is full of love
Every hour with happiness in it
Moving into the past...
Becoming remote memories

Thank You for-
I'm alive as a soul
No matter what they tell-
I'm enjoying all that I have!

Let's be more fearless now-
On the top of democratic music
As is playing on grassroot level
But nothing comes so easy way

The Best Poem Of Hans Raj Sharma

A Big Plot

Sit down
For a moment
Just pondering over
Over and over again
Finding time and again
In the garb of virtue, evil exits
I'm seeing and smelling a big plot!
-Copyright © hrsharma ®2019
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

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Dorothy sharma 06 December 2020

hi iam your grand daughter very good

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