Edwin Baldwin

Poor And In Love - Poem by Edwin Baldwin

I'm broke and I'm busted aint got a dime
can't afford a bottle of cheap red wine
so I brain wash myself now I'm doing fine
sit at home with my girl just wasting time
gives herself to me Yea she's mine all mine
a year and a half of this now she lost her mind
what is there for me to do but listen to her whine

wish I had a money tree growing in my yard
If I did I wouldn't have to think very hard
I'd pick me a basket full of money just one at a time
So me and my honey baby we'd be doing fine

Then one day I'd pull that sucker up by its roots and all
I'd take it to the jewelry store down at the mall
get my honey baby an engagement ring with out a flaw

same old...same old... just another day
since you went your separate way
and I'm not feeling right
with out you here tonight
I sit at home lonely and all alone
waiting for you to call me on the phone
but you don't call.....guess I was nothing to you at all

so if I happen to see you at the mall
or maybe just walking down the hall
will you stop and talk to me for awhile
can you give me just another smile
that would make me so very happy
pretending it's the way we used to be
then I won't have to say
it's just the same old same old
just another day since you went away

wish I could have bought you everything
wish I could have made your little heart sing
wish we could have danced right across the floor
wish we could have fallen in love more and more
wish I could have stolen those stars from the skies
wish I could have put those diamonds in your eyes
wish we could have made everything in our world alright
wish we could have a one on one heart to heart tonight

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 13, 2012

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