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Prayer-Mountain Climb - Poem by Mary Mc Creath

Mountains are a challenge to the beholder
They are full of promise.
Climb me and you will be lifted to a height
From which the world will look different.
At my top the life in the valley will seem small.

You will have an overview that will stretch
For miles and miles
And all this you will see without moving
From one spot on top of me.
I have stood here for thousands of years.
Watched the trees and vegetation grow.
The rivers cut their way through my foothills.

I have seen people come and build shelters
That varies in style,
For thousands of years.
I have seen generation after generation
Laid to rest and new generations
Grow sturdy and tall. `

My life, my prayer is a climbing a mountain.
It is a mountain that has a peak higher
Than I can ever reach in this life.

My climb began many years ago
On the grassy foothills
Where all kinds of flowers and small wild life grow.
I progressed to more barren regions
Where the grass became thinner and wild life more scarce.

I meet fewer companions where I am now
On my mountain but there are others nearby
And now and again
We meet,
In the most impossible places.
They assure me that all I have to do
To get to the top is to keep climbing.
Their faith helps me in my climb,
Gives me courage.

Sometimes in my life, my prayer,
I become worn out with my
Climb and am
Unable to go any

I let go and the Lord comes,
Carries me over mountain faces
That It would be impossible to bypass

He has all the equipment necessary.
I trust myself to him and
The impossible Mountain face is

There are resting places on the mountain
Where I gather strength and new energy.
That carries me to new reaches and

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