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Why am I not free?
To be…
The person that I want
To be?

Today -
You smiled,
Were full of joy,
At prospects of

Not one, but thousands flee a land of pain and woe
Each searches desperately for a place to go
To find a haven without terror or distress
To find a place of safety

Watching life go bye
A moot point
flying around
Condenses here in space time

My God I need you.
My heart reaches out to the
tips of my fingers,
Longing wells from a depth

It is similar to a vegetative state.

All movement is curtailed,
Paralysis sets in.

In buildings tall with concrete wall,
I came to be.
Twelve families a tenement did
share with me.

Did you know that you
Can print a toy car
In 3D?
But not from ink.

Some feelings are joyful
Some feelings are sad
Some feeling are good
and others are glad.

A look of love was what he gave to me
A look of love came from me in return
How could he now be gone to never more
Exchange with me that look I held so dear

The light
Came closer
Walked right
Next to me

Christ, may all that is you flow into me,
May your world and cosmos, be my food and drink.
May your Alpha and Omega, be my life and strength.
Christ with you at my side all has been given.

Go gently into that bright light
Dear brother.
Embrace it with your
Closing eyes.


I use my gift to serve the world
Of body, spirit, mind.

To find the way to cure the pain

The birds have
Fled and nestlings
Flown away
No company and

To bridge the gap, gorge, chasm,
by the years of the

Firstly shops specialized then
You had dairies, fruit shops,
Butcheries, news agents, shops for
Hardware, bakeries, and Confectionery

I have found my voice
I can speak my truth
No longer does inner control
Keep me silent.

I know you here,
I see you there,
I look and find you everywhere,
Beneath the sea,

Mary Mc Creath Biography

I have been touched by the poems written by others on this site and I am enjoying reading them. It is good to read the words of people who have put their life experiences on this site for others to read, and be inspired by them. I am happy to have found this place. My poems were written as I was reflecting on my life experiences.I have written most of them years ago and have them in notebooks. As I come across them I type them up on poemhunter.)

The Best Poem Of Mary Mc Creath

Being-Caged Bird

Why am I not free?
To be…
The person that I want
To be?

Why must I feel tied?
To what I was?
What is the cause?
That I am not free,
To be - me?

I long to break the
That ties me to,
Doing the things the way
I do.

If only I could see,
What it is that keeps
Me blind.
That does not let me
The knot that ties
To the things I do.

Bird in a cage freer
Tis than
It knows the reason
It cannot fly,
Back to the sky.

I seeing not what
Holds me.

To be free
To be free

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Robert Murray Smith 26 June 2018

Another alter ego ofJudith Blatherwick. Two disimilar photos. To be reported.

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Rajendran Muthiah 24 March 2012

Your philosophical poem, 'To be...question', conveys wonderful ideas. Existence is within all beings. The essences of all beings dead and gone are one. Universal poet, you are! There is no end to commentaries to this this thoughtful line of Hamlet's soliloquy.Wonderful Poem! A few minutes back, I too sent a poem on this same title but not with a philosophical content. Best Wishes!

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Mary Mc Creath Quotes

I am old now and I can tell you, I would not change my place with anyone.

Light illuminates. It changes flat shadows into three-dimensional objects and brings them to life for all to see.

Today you smiled, were full of joy at prospects of tomorrow. Now you lie so still, absent, From all you wanted to do, or be. Yet present as you lived to Me.

The empty sky was deaf unto my plea. That emptiness descended now on me.

To see who we truly are and come to know that each of us is part of every star.

What stirs life into you, moves you to dance and sway?

Seeing is a place of light and darkness of revelation and vanishing of revelation of knowing and unknowing.

Go gently into that bright light dear brother.Embrace it with your closing eyes.

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Mary Mc Creath Popularity

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