Terri L. Meyers

' Prayers, From A Long Time Ago ' - Poem by Terri L. Meyers

Every night I pray, before I sleep
For the Lord to guide me and my soul to keep.

The wisdom he holds, I long to share
I guess I'll just have to wait, until I get there.

I just need to be sure
He'll keep mine safe, and in the end make us pure.

I just keep praying
For the Lord to hear, what I am saying.

The world is changing, the days go by
And the things going on I don't understand.
I want so much to ask him, his plan
And why?

The time now surely seems worse
Then I can remember from the first.

All the worries and fears
Brought me down through the years.

I just keep praying
For the Lord to hear, what I am saying.

It's many years later
And somehow I became like a rebel,
Doing so many things
Not even thinking of Hell.

Not even a prayer has passed through my mind
Maybe I don't care, or just have not enough time.

I found myself somewhere, cold and alone
With nothing to say, not even a moan.

And then standing beside me, I looked, A vision of the Lord was there
I covered my eyes, with my hands and my hair.

I said to my Lord, with a bitter sound
How did you know, for I did not want to be found.

I did not call to you
Like I use to do.

And the voice of my Lord spoke gently
As I felt the warmth of a hand,
'All prayers are heard and always with me
From all my children across the land'

'It was a prayer that brought me here
And for you, I will always be near.'

Lord, I'm confused and must confess
I did not pray for you, but am happy you're here, nevertheless.

'Oh my dear one, there's so much you do not know
This was a prayer of your grandmothers, from a long time ago.'

'So just keep praying
I'll hear what you're saying.'

'And when your son is without care
In his heart, I'll let him know I'm there.'
'Tell him now, he will be fine
Because all your prayers, I hold as mine.'

'And when you lay at night to sleep
Know all your prayers, I plan to keep.'
'And you should know,

Even the prayers, from a long time ago! '

Topic(s) of this poem: comforting, love and dreams, religious, spiritual, uplifting

Form: Bio

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The Lord inspired me to write this poem, along with a book that I am currently writing, after dying on the operating table and God showing me Heaven and the reason for it all!

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