jia shuixing

Preamble/Annex - Poem by jia shuixing

is the brain real?
I guess
put that down as a maybe
pending confirmation from the ass

(you write it with your body when you do)
(this just in)
(it's nuts!)
(you write it with your soul and with your guts)

but all the previous is already old and lame and stale, to exaggerate a notch
the guts are severely irritated and tend to disagree and strain
a bag of cats in heat, just muted

but by glob it beats being sedated. it even beats the convoluted cottons of the frightened brain
the trick of course is nailing your own edge but not through either love or hate, or thought
(sometimes you are what you are not)

the ego is a slippery reclusive eel
but one shock in a hundred can actually make you feel a pang and turn an I into a me

the chinese do it to a T


that's some wild fluctuations
it goes from naught to total in a jiff
and even the zeroes weirdly are deep
to orbit is to fall and fall inside the thing you feel
that black gravity that steals the room for air
and that is too a way of being there, if not the chief

but i suspect the primate brain to be less loose
to shift and grab and let it out with ease
to need less total moments for release
to need less poetry just to be aware
a system of relations to the chaos soup that takes less than 5 years to regroup

it's blindness made alive without a hitch
its blindness and disgust and fears
its drive, the weight of all the years
and even maybe the control
bubbling together with what it is it sees

a corner to a corner, a bit to a bit

every module sucking out to encroach into the world

a full and total universe sprouting off each one flailing shard

the earth does it, trees do it,
even i do it, when i fake

surely it cant be that hard

but break before fucking, was always my approach

Topic(s) of this poem: psychological, self reflection , writing

Poet's Notes about The Poem

miracurously, i later found that Jiff is defined as
n.1785, 'a moment, an instant, ' colloquial, origin unknown; said to be originally thieves' slang for 'lightning.'

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 28, 2015

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