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Prince And The Pauperess - Poem by Khloe Chace

'You have your choices, your highness, my prince
To choose any lady of the land to be your wife.
Not many have the privilege that you do.
To pick one to stand beside through your long reigning life'

'Thank you butler, you can be dismissed.'
The prince stared through the window at the fog and mist
And though 'If I have a choice of all
Why can't I find who will sit beside me in my wedding hall? '

The rhythm of the violin fills the ballroom.
The prince has only one thing glued in his mind.
'I'm one of the few with the privilege of choosing anyone to marry
All these fake desperate maidens with their rich poofy dresses,
While I want one with a rich personality.'

On the other side of the room
A working peasant works for her food.
Thinking who she's going to be forced to marry.
Does it matter if she loves him, or will it be just for the money?

The prince couldn't stand the bordeom, so he stepped off his thrown.
This may be where he lives, but right now it just aint his home.
Because everyone around here is a stranger....
But that's when he saw her.

He sees her laughing, having the time of her life.
He thinks its finally come to him, wondering if she will be his wife.
He walks over there, watching her swinging hair and kisses her hand.
'Please m'lady. May I have this dance? '

Her concerned eyes the size of pies stare, dazzling but hesitant.
'Majesty, it'd be my honor, but I must work for I am a peasant.'
'Nonsense, I'll personally give you more pay plus a dance.
Just come with me.'
Everyone stared, some of em even glared, as he walked her through the sea of people.

Their wedding is now just a month away.
The prince and the pauperess, it's hard to believe.
She gets her love; her dad gets some money to feed his family.
Oh their ever-after if going to be so happily.

The rhythm of the violin fills the ballroom.
The prince has only one thing glued in his mind.
'I'm so glad I had the privilege of free marriage,
Because if not, I'd never have married my beautiful pauperess.'

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