Propaganda - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

National Neutrality
Communities ban together
Whether liked or not…Everyone entitled to opinions
Tried to see it another way…Too bright to not be seen…
Didn’t want the race card to run…what to do when it’s in first place

Innocent as birth
Evidence was bogus
Selfish notions
Word and Thoughts...were twisted
Witnesses…blind to the fact…made grim choices
Infected…corrupt system

There was an obligation…to prove the validity of the accusations
The burden of proof…rearranged to fit the lies

Was it a real Bible or an imitation to purify the tainted oath…
Giving the illusion of legitimacy
Place the left hand on the Bible
Raise your right hand
Do you swear to tell the truth
The whole truth and nothing….but the truth
So many holes in testimonies
Could see right thru…

Slapped in the face
The confirmation of guiltless Troy Davis…spewed in the thickest form

Eye for an Eye
The wrong one was seeing
Life for a life
The wrong one taken

So hard up on lynching…
A vindictive judicial disorder
Feeds the hunger of their gods of hate…
The innocent to keep it alive

Lena Baker...held against her will…
Executed for self defense
Regardless of the reason…
The color of her skin…grounds for death

The days of when the lack of proof
Constitute grounds for dismal of life
Still resides…
The battle is not over
My sons
My nephews
My niece
Male or female
Nothing has changed
If the color doesn’t not match the law combinations
Any one of us could be the next sacrificial lamb

The proof is evident…there are legal grounds…
Put the judges on trial…Man Slaughter 1,2,3,4,5,
Straight unadulterated murder
The evidence…the burden of proof… without a doubt...
All the Troy Davis… All the Lena Bakers… all those falsely accused
The Judicial system… too lazy for integrity...Bullies of the law

“Vengeance is mine” said the Lord…
In this we have faith that real Justice will reign down…
Vindication will be made.

Jen Of Poetry™
© Nov.22 2011

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