Drew Hoffman

Proserpine - Poem by Drew Hoffman

Proserpine by Drew Hoffman

It's a strategy:

The method to my sadness

I'll make myself over

Into a corpse

Hard- cold like a tombstone

Carved into an angel's form

My wings as black as ravens

My countenance a plague

The better to catch the eye of Death

And make him take notice

Laid out in my enticing shroud

Diaphanous as a negligee

I recited 'Beggar To Beggar Cried' by Yeats

As a come-on in the devil's ear

A strange turn of events-

I promised him riches and the pleasures of the flesh

If only he'd take me

Beelzebub had never heard anything like it

Asmodeus roared with volcanic ash

But eruptions are my specialty

I took it all into my mouth

The seed of the pomegranate

Suicide buttons downed with strychnine

Brazenly, I named my poison

And smeared kohl around my eyes

Once blue as a drowning at sea

Blue like a stillbirth floating on the surface

Initially tasty to the fish

Later vomited up: last night's vodka

And now as total as an eclipse

I made a necklace of maggots

Squirming and white

Pearls of hags' wisdom

It is their nature to devour

They are greedy in their tidying up

I stuck the needle in

-pulling the rough twine through-

My lips

Cracked and purple from the callous use

Of so many words

I sewed up the entry way

(He lives in silence, I must be quiet for him)

And scraped every last inch

Of skin from my bone

I made Cerberus my bitch

Wiping away the bits of politicians

That clung to his chins,

'Now there's a good dog. At least they were useful for something.'

His alligator tail wagged in agreement

He could read my thoughts

I followed the path of entrails to my Beloved

Hiking up hills of clavicle bones

That tore up what was left of me

I had never felt so beautiful.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poem Edited: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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