Peace, Be Not Proud Poem by Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu

Peace, Be Not Proud

Rating: 5.0

Peace, Be Not Proud (A Reverse Davidian)

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That world's entire wealth can't purchase you.
Perhaps you'll not be bought for silver, gold,
Saphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds too.
But dare you say, for LOVE you won't be sold?

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That high you dwell, atop a towering tor!
Like Bruce's spider, ceaselessly we will
Try to heave ourselves right up to your door
By scaling, inch by inch, your craggy hill!

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That none can see or hear you; so no clue
We have to track you down. But we can feel
Your presence versus present absence too:
Suffices this, your hide-out to reveal!

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That you, At'lanta-like, can keep mocking
Your chasers all for whom you're much too fast!
Like shrewd Hippom'nese, your pathway blocking
With 'golden apples', win we shall, at last!

Peace, Be Not Proud
Bonnie Collins 25 December 2008

This was good, however I felt the erge to get 'lost'as I was reading the poem down, maybe in my oppion too repetisious...... But none the less very well constructed... Bonnie

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Carl Harris 25 December 2008

What a beautiful poem this is, Dr. Tulsi. Your writing is a breath of fresh air in a world run amok with free style or ethereal poetry. It is more classical in form, and wonderfully so. This moving poem is an excellent example of that, and more importantly, it is also an eloquent statement on the meaning of peace. Carl.

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Min Sia 26 December 2008

The words..classical..that makes each lines very captivating... And the concept..of very poet, indeed... Great poem..Well penned...

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Winnie Angel 31 December 2008

Hi, Thy had written a god piece of poetry...i liked ur thought and way of looking at peace..Wish u a very Happy New Year 2009 Winnie

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Uma Shankari 07 January 2009

An excellent piece of poetry!

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Ben Gieske 03 February 2009

A good effort to remind us of what we need to do to establish peace. I like this line, “But dare you say, for LOVE you won't be sold? ”

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Ivan Churchill 13 January 2009

If each one of us were like 'Bruce's spider' PEACE may pity us and allow us a closer view of it.

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Jan Shepherd 13 January 2009

Well done and Congratulations!

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Katy Sessor 13 January 2009

A perfectly penned poem! ...10

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Kala 11 January 2009

A great poem in great style!

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