Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Providence - Poem by Justin Reamer

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank You for all that
You have done for me,
And all the blessings You bestowed upon me,
For You are great,
And I cannot thank You enough for all that You do.
You are the Creator of the World,
The Presence in every room,
The Worker of Nature,
The Ultimate Artist,
And the Master of All.
You can do so much.

You knew me the moment I was born,
When I was simply an ovum,
Fertilised by sperm
And conceived into a zygote,
And You blessed me within my mother's womb.
You took me out of her womb,
Her uterus,
And You entrusted me at her breast,
Wear I drank to nourishment.
Though I had a head injury
Given to me by Satan himself,
You stood by my side as I struggled to learn,
With Asperger Syndrome,
Attention Deficit Disorder,
And Tourette's Syndrome.
You were patient with me and made sure I was okay.
You anointed me and gave me Your blessing,
And helped me stand through the trials
I faced in the past
When my teachers, my peers,
My father, my principal,
And my own priest stood against me.
You blessed me in so many ways,
And You have helped me become who I am today,
And I thank You for that.

Thank You, Father,
For the food I eat,
The clean water I drink,
The clothes I wear on my back,
The shelter I live in,
The bed I sleep in,
The security You have provided,
My pillow I lay my head on,
The orca I have had since childhood,
My wonderful library You have provided me,
The gifts and talents You blessed me with,
The sun, the moon, and stars,
The outdoors and everything,
Great experiences in the past,
My dog, Lucy,
The commodities I have,
The Love You have shown me,
My educational opportunities,
My driver's licence,
The ability to take back the points I had,
My employment,
The body I have,
The very life I am living,
My soul that You have given me,
Jesus, who saved me and multitudes
From their sins and from the Pit,
And for all the friends and family,
Most importantly,
That I know and love.

Thank You, Father, for saving me from depression,
Thank You for giving me the will to live;
Thank You for Matthias, my guardian angel,
Thank You for saving me from death five times;
Thank You for helping my family,
And protecting them from my father's wrath;
Thank You for the Love we have known,
And thank You for keeping all Your promises.

Father, I do not deserve
Your blessings,
For I am human
And am imperfect,
But I am Your servant
And will do anything You ask of me.
If You need to tell me anything,
Just let me know,
And I will listen and obey You.
I'll do whatever You need me to do,
Just let me know what it might be.
If You need me to be Your vessel,
Then I will willingly consent to You,
Or if You need me to travel,
I will go where You need me to go.
I will do whatever You ask of me,
Just let me know what You need me to do.
I trust You and love You with all of my heart.

Father, I just want to ask
For some blessings on other people,
So I will begin here.

Please bless the poor,
May they find refuge in You.

Please bless the oppressed;
May they be set free.

Please bless the depressed;
May they find joy in life.

Please bless the suicidal;
May they discover the good things life has to offer.

Please bless the angry;
May they be mollified.

Please bless the conflicted and ambivalent;
May they be consoled.

Please bless unfaithful;
May they receive expiation.

Please bless the nonbelievers;
May they have a chance to find You.

Please bless sinners everywhere;
May they be forgiven and protected from harm.

Please bless the humble;
May they be recognised for what they do.

Please bless the heartbroken;
May they know they are loved.

Please bless those who are persecuted because of You;
May their residence be with You forever.

Please bless the sick;
May they get better if at all possible.

Please bless the mentally ill;
May they find consolation.

Please bless the criminals;
May they be forgiven and given a second chance.

Please bless those with learning disabilities;
May they be remembered and rejoice in the life they have,
Instead of the persecution they may potentially face.

Please bless the dying;
May they be welcomed into Your eternal kingdom.

Please bless the unborn;
May they have a chance at life.

Please bless the soldiers overseas;
May they come home, if at all possible.

Please bless those who are dating;
May they figure out who the 'right one' is.

Please bless the affianced;
May they have a good transition in life.

Please bless the married;
May they always stay together and look
Out for their children.

Please bless missionaries everywhere;
May they inspire people to be
True to Your Word.

Please bless the clergy;
May they devote their lives to You
And remain devoted to You always.

Please bless the government;
May they make good decisions for
This country and the world.

Please bless the elderly;
May the young learn from them.

Please bless the souls in purgatory;
May they have a chance to come into Your eternal kingdom.

Please bless those who have no one
To pray for them;
May they be blessed in all that they do.

Please bless the homeless;
May they have a safe place to stay tonight,
And may they get their lives back in order soon.

Please bless the ignored;
May they be noticed and remembered.

Please bless those who suffer every moment
Of every hour of every day,
May they find refuge in You.

Please bless all of my friends, Father,
Wherever they may be.
Keep them safe and help them
Make good decisions so that
They stay out of trouble.

Please bless Mum,
And help her to keep
Moving on,
And help her to do well
In everything she does.

Please bless Elyse and Nick,
Even though Nick will be moving away,
Help them stay together if at all possible.
Keep them safe, Father.

Please bless Sean,
And help him to find happiness,
And help him to rejoice in You.

Please bless Stef,
And help her to do well in
Everything that she does,
And help her to walk with You always.

Please bless all the high school students
Who are taking exams,
Including Sophia;
May they pass their classes and do very well.

Please bless Patricia, Father,
Forgive her of her sins as I
Have forgiven her,
And be by her side at all times.
Help her stray from evil,
And protect her from harm.
Help her evade the clutches of Satan,
And inspire her to do great things.
Be by her side,
And never leave her.
Even though she does wicked things,
I still love her for who she is, Father,
Because I love her with all my heart.
Open her eyes and her heart
So that she may learn how to love again.
Walk with her,
And keep her safe until the time comes.

And, Father, please bless me.
Help me to walk on the path of righteousness,
And help me to do the right thing.
Help me to be healthy and
To watch my intake
And to take care of myself.
Help me to serve others like Jesus did,
And help me to be what You want me to be.

Father, I cannot thank You enough for
All that You do,
For You are truly great,
And I cannot thank You enough.
I am forever grateful,
And I will express my gratitude
Through all my thoughts,
All my words,
And all my actions.
Thank You, Father, for all that You do.
I love You with all my heart,
And I trust You with everything.
Thank You for all You do,
For You are truly great.

In Your Name, I pray.


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