Biswajit Basu

Quantum Man - Poem by Biswajit Basu

In this universe born of chaos, billions of years ago,
Created by fickle nature simply because it felt so,
Thousands of years pass of random cosmic radiation,
Before the God Particle makes atoms by quantum mutation,
Atomically encapsulated in a universe of immense verge,
Wavelike electrons desperately seek out another to merge,
Interspersed meagrely as undulations in a gossamer cloud,
Energy levels lock the wave orbits at the precise radius allowed,
Molecules form by interlocking atoms in a solid lattice structure,
And by mere chance, magically, life is infused into this mixture,
Thus a single-celled amoeba forms, multiplying at a prodigious rate,
Billions of years pass evolving a being of a greater intelligent state.
Then passing through many millennia of genetic correction,
Improved itself by varying continuously in natural selection,
To endure the state that the emerging world dictated,
Ingeniously his genes swiftly improving, mutated,
Thus born of accident in a cast of cosmic dice,
Finally came the apes wherefrom man did arise,
His creation a mere chance in a random event of near impossibility,
Amazingly carefully honed humans stand before you - a palpable reality,
He has a mind now to ponder his creation that is shrouded in mist arcane,
All his knowledge and intelligence cannot tell him why and whence he came.
Thus, man is a live chemical statue: a product of genetic history,
Created by sheer chance, his raison d'être - a mystery.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

This traces the history of the evolution of the human being from the Big Bang. It emphasizes the quantum origins of the human being

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 11, 2013

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