Kovan White

Rain On A Beautiful Day

I had a best-friend whose bond I thought would never end
We broke the unwritten rule, commented ultimate sin
We were unstoppable for eight years through all the boos and cheers
Through my toughest time, she was there by my side

She would banish my fears and even comfort me tears
But 2004 really opened the door
It turned out to be the beginning of the end
Because quickly sin creped in

Saying, their friendship's too pure
False love should kill that for sure
While confessing my love, one no could interrupt
But the responses I got was, man you sure missed up

I didn't listen because it just felt right
No more Miss Phillips I'll change her last name to White

You'll never know if your love is real until it's tested with time
If your love stands tall, then you'll be just fine
I can't say the same thing happened with mine
If it did then, I wouldn't be writing this rhyme
June 14th 2004 was my defining test of time
That's when I saw Taneesha in a very long time
"We can be friends" is what was on my mind

All that was lost, soon as I looked in her eyes
I'm lying; I was gone the night before when I first heard her voice
Soon after I knew, she was my number one choice

From that point on I knew I wasn't like the average man
They said, " Playa you got, not one but two females wanting to hold your hand
Your dealing with feelings here, must men just wouldn't understand
It's your move Kovan come on, which way is your heart going to land

Ether way I go, the sh*** going to hit the fan
Someone's heart torn to pieces, that's what I can't stand
So I let my heart do all the talking, my mind stayed out the way
My heart belonged to Taneesha; it was just on layaway

Left on the shelf to long, I begin to collect dust
My first love is back; she's the one my heart trusts
Without prolonging the pain, I had to let Patrice go
My emotions fill with sorrow, as I fell to one knee

I'm losing my god son, god spelled with a lowercase-g
First came Patrice, now Sion I can't even see
Sometimes I wonder does he ever think about me
A positive role model is what I was trying to be

To Sion my little man, a good man one day he'll be
He needs a male role model that's truly the key
I pray for him everyday, because most likely that male won't be me

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 2, 2020

Form: Lyric

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