Rainbow In The Eyes Poem by Ghazala Lari

Rainbow In The Eyes

Within our hearts overwhelming emotion's sway,
Tears flow as streams in graceful motion's play,
Through the windows of the soul, they gently dance,
Creating rainbowed images, the crier's chance.

Like feelings packed deep within a secret chest,
They find release through eyes, a vent, a quest,
Meandering, like molten mass, they roam,
Breaking all the dams that dare impede their home.

Geysers of water sprout forth, unconfined,
Pent-up desires, too strong to be defined,
Gushing with pressures built up deep inside,
Cheeks feel their healing touch, no need to hide.

Tears cascade down the face, a gentle grace,
Mixed with dreams and wishes, they interlace,
Yearning unfulfilled through the passage of time,
Exasperated, they fall, a drizzling chime.

Some tears lie hidden within a heart's embrace,
Concealed from all, even friends, and family's trace,
Where tears are seen as weakness or mere jest,
One holds them as a well, long lost and repressed.

But let's not forget the strength tears hold,
They in their release, stories unfold,
Cleansing spirits, healing the wounded soul,
In their shimmering embrace, we find our role.

So shed tears, let them flow, for they are true,
A testament of what we've been through,
In vulnerability's embrace, we find our might,
For tears reveal the essence of our inner light.

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