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Ram Navami - Birthday Of Lord Ram - Poem by Hardik Vaidya

He (oh) Ram, He (oh) Ram, He (oh) Ram.
Son of three mothers.
Kaushalya, Sumitra, Kaykayi.
Son of King Dashratha.
Born after years of drought.
Childless skies
Despite three wives
The Yuga was on the fall
The wane of moon was on.
Yagna was done.
Solid paradox was sublimated.
The Lord conceded.
Prasada was given.
The wives shared it even.
The king did not partake
Though he was the only common fate.
The Lord Ram was born.
So were Bharata, Laxman and Shatrughna.
Ahead of his time,
A gentleman, and a creative mind.
Hence he was truly called a living god of his time.
He went to Lanka
To save his wife
As she was abducted by Ravana the King.
Today is his birthday, happy birthday Ram.
In your name we drove a chariot,
From Somnath to Ayodhya,
Not to save a soul,
We raised a mosque to rubble,
Carnage, brother chopped a brother,
Blood and guts of the civilisation spilled
The wisdom lost
Dashrath wins
Not many years back
You were born better
Revised, upgraded
Your name was Bapu
A Hindu shot you point blank range
Nathuram God- says
You died hands folded
With words on your lips
He (oh) Ram He (oh) Ram He (oh) Ram.


The expression He needs to be pronounced as the English word Hay, as in make hay while the sun shines. It is not used as an English pronoun he, as in he stole my money. He (hay) in Hindi means Oh in English.

In the Hindu Calendar on the Chaitra month the first month of the calendar 9th day in the Waxing phase of the moon Lord Ram was born. Today is Ram Navami. His birthday.

Despite having three wives one is surprised that the prasada of the yagna was offered to the wives, not to the king. It is quite obvious that if a man has three women all who cannot conceive, probabilistically one should not be so blind even if a 200 percent male driven society to not appreciate the logic there the fault could lie with the male's reproductive system. I am amazed when people talk about ancient India's prowess. Even if we were advanced no wonder we lost it all as we kept out women out of it. And we deserve every bit of the outcome.

Bapu was the name by which Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was called by his people of India, Bapu means father.

Yuga means eon.
Yagna means an offering to the flames, I personally understand it as your understanding and resolving your opaque and misunderstood notions of your self in the Devine light of self exploration and realising the real self in you.

Prasada is the food distributed to devotees after it is offered to gods, it is believed to have been partaken by the gods and blessed by them.

Somnath is a beautiful Lord Shiva temple in Saurashtra Gujarat near the town of Veraval, next to the port of Pipavav, adjacent to the sea, it is one of the most revered places for Hindus.

Ayodhya is another most revered places for the Hindus, it is believed to be a place of birth for Lord Rama.

Nathuram Godse was the Hindu Brahmin who shot dead Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi at point black range ending the era of the champion of peace, the most misunderstood, and perhaps greatly loved and equally hated man in India's history ever. An irony he hated no one and loved every single Indian and Pakistani.

** Corrigendum.

The name of Dashraths second wife was Sumitra and not Subhadra. The error has been corrected. I thank my mother for pointing this out.

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