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Ramdas Choi Chang Poems 5 - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

Choi Chang
Poems 5

Poem 1.

One has a right to judge,
What is right or what is wrong,
Adult and mature men are too wise,
They know what is right, they are mirror like,
Can prove
right what is left,
Left what is right!

Poem number 2
Telescopes used to see distant objects,
Microscopes are used to see micro objects,
A friend and a foe both use these,
foe uses telescope to see at good virtues
friend uses to see your faults,
Man has still scope here on earth,
Friend uses microscope to find good virtues but
foe uses it to find faults!
Life is kelideoscope
because all scopes are in our own eyes!

Poem 3

Innocence is far better
Ignorance is inexcusable,
Kid's smile is so beautiful
Than smile of an adult,
Innocence smiles in kid,
Egoless heart shines more in that smile;
Ignorance smiles in adult,
May be arrogance or ego shine more than the smile!

Poem 4.

Everyone has freedom of choice,
Every moment is matter of choice,
Some may be good,
some may be wrong,
choice of freedom is more natural than freedom of choice for some!

Poem 5.

This world has two poles,
May be called dipoles,
Thin invisible line separate both,
Some times right has to go wrong,
to prove what is wrong,
But wrong need not to right to prove what is right!

Poem 6

Men and woman are always wonderful,
Some may be beautiful or good,
some may be ugly or bad,
Some flowers are beautiful,
Some are fragrant,
Rare are those who are both!

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