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How to Write A Poem? Types of Poem and Some Popular Poems

What is the 7 Elements of Poetry? What are the 10 Most Popular Poem? Writing a poem can be a great way to express yourself and explore your thoughts and feelings. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start with an idea or inspiration: Think about a subject or theme that you want to explore in your poem. It could be something personal, like a memory or feeling, or something more general, like nature or love.

Gather words and phrases: Write down any words or phrases that come to mind when you think about your chosen subject. These can be descriptive words, metaphors, similes, or anything else that you find interesting or evocative.

Experiment with different forms: Poems can take many different forms, from free verse to sonnets to haikus. Experiment with different forms to see which one best suits your subject and style.

Write the first draft: Using the words and phrases you have gathered, start writing your first draft. Don't worry about making it perfect at this stage - focus on getting your thoughts and emotions down on paper.

Revise and edit: Once you have a complete draft, go back and revise it. Look for places where you can improve the flow or add more descriptive language. Cut out any words or phrases that don't add anything to the poem.

Share your poem: Once you are happy with your poem, share it with others. You can read it at an open mic night, post it online, or give it to a friend to read.

Keep writing: The more you write, the better you will get at it. Keep experimenting with different forms and subjects, and don't be afraid to try new things. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process.

Types of Poem



Free verse














Blank verse




Some Popular Poem Topics

Nature and the changing of seasons

Love and relationships

Memories and nostalgia

Social and political issues

The human condition and emotions

The passage of time

Death and grief

Overcoming obstacles

The beauty of the ordinary

The power of imagination

Reflections on life and the world around us.

What are the 10 Most Popular Poem?

It's difficult to say what the 10 most popular poems are, as opinions and tastes vary greatly. However, some poems that are often considered to be among the most popular and widely-read in English literature include:

"Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?" by William Shakespeare

"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

"Ode to a Nightingale" by John Keats

"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

"How Do I Love Thee?" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot

"The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot

"Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas

"Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe

"When You Are Old" by W.B. Yeats

It is important to note that this list is subjective and there are many other poems that could also be considered popular and well-loved.

What is the 7 Elements of Poetry?

One poem format that is seven lines long is the "haiku" which is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. A Haiku poem is composed of three lines, with the first and third lines containing five syllables, and the second line containing seven syllables. The haiku is a nature poem and it is meant to be a brief moment captured in time, usually in a single image. Here is an example of a Haiku poem:

Autumn moonlight—

A worm digs silently into the chestnut.

This is one of the traditional Haiku form and there are variations in structure and style of Haiku across different cultures and languages.

Writing a poem is not about bringing some words together to create some charming sentences. It's so much deeper than that. Writing poetry is a bridge that allows people to express their feelings and make others live every single word they read. Poetry is to educate people, to lead them away from hate to love, from violence to mercy and pity. Writing poetry is to help this community better understand life and live it more passionately. PoemHunter.com contains an enormous number of famous poems from all over the world, by both classical and modern poets. You can read as many as you want, and also submit your own poems to share your writings with all our poets, members, and visitors.

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