Albot George

Reality Check - Poem by Albot George

This might not be the way you want to hear this
But it’s not Jan, it will always be you
This means it will always be you! ! !
Nobody comes’ close, understand windy

But anyway,
This means ill carry on’’ hope I’m not righting to quick
For you, your hair does look nice, had it done for your birthday
I say had it done for your birthday, bless”” but it does
Make your face look a lot slimmer, unless it’s the windows that need cleaning
Better get back to the point, think I used that before
As you said you can guess what I’m going to say next
You are becoming to get so use to me? ? So on the ball
Starting to sink in now! !

Right next bit
I don’t think I’ll ever be-able to let your hand go
This is part of what you’ve said in the past
And what I said yesterday the normal thing
To do is to hold your hand and the fact that
It is attached to you! ! Would mean it would be hard to
Have one without the other, (blonds are really bright
I think that they would make a good light house
And when I say light house that’s not the opposite
Of a heavy one, I’m so predictable
That’s it bite the lip, hungry are you””

I could feel your heart betting, in my palm today
Today is yesterday, now just in case you get confused

And your breath against my neck,
That must have been the asthma
Or because you’d just walk up that big hill

And that isn’t something I can let go
And that is the feeling of beauty and warmth
And the need that someone wants you,
Better be careful, no she will still not understand IT

You said that I didn’t know how deep, you love me
Hum ill have a guess just under your fat ‘A’

I do, because mine is as deep
Mine isn’t as deep as that cause that bottom less
Do you get IT bottom less, although just over a week a go
It made a lot more sense, must have been the greens

My heart belongs to you
Now and always
That to say every time IT beats
IT beats for you, in time (IT’ME)

When I hold you it does feel normal and safe
What’s normal? Something you can rely on and trust
What’s safe? Something you can rely on and trust

And when I kiss your soft lips it so gentle sometimes
But then the other time it’s like kissing, sand paper or wet and dry, ,

And they are the ones I can still feel
Or smell and still hear, but that was just over a week a go

I know that our hearts are good and pure
That because we care about others
And I think that’s why it so difficult to do what
We crave and need to do
You see when I read this it reads
What we crave and need to do
As the next bit says
I am madly in love with you
And needing to see you more and more
You are my IT
Night night babe
I’ll save your kisses for your birthday
Until I see you, don’t forget how they feel
Remember your nails; all that is gold does not glitter
And not all those that wander are lost
Merry Christmas
Try not to lose the fat bits
When you start your diet
How many days do you do something
Like that for when you make a
I want to
L’ove Y’ou N’aked N’ow
Now the capitals
It is what it is
A single dream is better and more powerful
Than a life of maybe
Missing you now, wanting the smell
All of the last bit speaks for IT self
It’s a same your stomach isn’t as empty
As your head
IT would have been nice to see you today
But never mind bet you’ve been busy
Still a bit early to say night night
So I’ll say bye bye the same as you
Bye bye just doesn’t have the same feeling
As you want it to or does it, ,
Anyway before I go on and on about nothing
Better go and have a shower cause when
You are caving for something eventually
You have to take ‘IT’
So do I say night night now?
Or good morning, so easy sometime not to know what to say
So do I wish you a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning
Whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on? ”

What I do know is
I would never break your heart
Bye bye I love you darlynn

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