Ameera Fouad El Toony

Really Don'T Care... If You Are Salfyis, Muslim Brotherhood Or Christian - Poem by Ameera Fouad El Toony

I really don't care
If you are Salfyis, Muslim Brotherhood or Christian
I don't care
If you are Masonic, secular, worldly or even Jewish
I don't care
If you are wearing hijab, niqab, burqa or nothing at all
I don't care
If you go to the beach naked, wearing bikini or having your full clothes on

I don't care if you are such or such
And I really don't care if you are with me or against me

People always ask me, 'Are you with us or with THEM'
'You seem to be with them though you should be with us'
And they start raising their voices, 'You should be with us'
'It is for your own benefit to join us'!
And the words become fights and clashes with blood and strain
And no sooner, they'd become bullets and shots straight into my heart & brain
Well, sometimes I answer and most times, I do not
Caz simply I find it ridiculous to get asked by you!
Yes, by 'You', my fellow human being!
Well, I am human and simply just as you are,
I m not anyone and I am not everyone
I am neither for nor against
I am just witnessing what's happening, from a deep safe distance
And Yes, it satisfies me to have this distance apart from you and him
It satisfies me to be like that: just witnessing without talking
May be I am passive.May be Not
May be I am right.May be not
May be you and I, both are right
May be you and I, both are wrong
May be the questions raised can have both: the right and the wrong

So …..
Why it should be 'You 'and, I?
Why it should be fights, clashes, bullets and shots?
Why should voices be loud and knots are not s?
Why should you insult, offend and cast lots?

What matters most is not 'you' or 'I '?
Belonging to this group or to that party, or to such page or to such age?
We are jus players for some time to perform on this land
We are destined to get borne into and to work on its sand

It is rather about the milkness of humanity being there in each one of us
Such milk which'd remind us of our true virtues ðics, not buzz and fuss
To respect the 'Other ''s humanity and to seek our far fetched dreams
To work for this country as never we've done before or after or ever to be

And at last, we 'll see …
Either we could let go our clashes and our frivolous differences
Or we would all be dragged into frightful war of 'You 'and 'I '

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 8, 2011

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