Soulful One

~reawakening Ii~ - Poem by Soulful One

for so long, probably too long
I have existed in a haze
experiencing life
as though thru a thick wall of ice
always separated
always alone
always cold
disconnected from
events and images
people and places
that have all passed by and through me
leaving very dim
hard to remember
slipping through my mind’s grasp
like sand through a child’s hand

some images shown brightly
promising a warmth to
penetrate and attempt to thaw
the ice that encased
my heart and soul
whose bright heat
was but a quick spark

some images exuded
an unexpected warmth
that melted away and thinned
some of the layers of ice
surrounding Me
the numbness dissipating
my heart
sluggishly struggling
to beat within my breast
my pulse
lethargically coming to life
my mind gradually awakening
to consciousness
with little comprehension

until one day
when fate set the stage
for the meeting of our Souls
and like a moth to a flame
I was drawn in
to the heat of your brilliance
your soul whispered
spells and incantations
into my Being
and all sluggishness
lethargy and
dim consciousness
fell away
and like Lazarus coming forth
from the dead
I was once again
fully ALIVE
no longer merely
from dawn to dusk
no longer simply
to go thru life’s motions
as one asleep
but truly ALIVE

my heart pounding
in my breast
blood rushing
with delight and purpose
thru my veins
my mind once again
alert with the wonder of
this amazingly Magical Soul
whose enchanted kiss has
reawakened Me, my True Self
to again embrace
the brilliance of life
and to once more embrace
the miracle of love


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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 23, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, June 18, 2010

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