Aziz Alkaabi

Recess - Poem by Aziz Alkaabi

It is time
to run away,

One more time,
My heart is injured.

in feeble veins,
Thrusting shy.

These lips are pale-dry.

And somehow and,
Before she curses
the heartless land.

As I begin to freeze,
I must flee,

Running away,


Where is it
that lost,
Remote a place?

Deserted for sure,
Where I camp,
I worry no more!

The truth,
My head is jammed.

I think
I need a break.

I'll make a fire
to warm this face.

I am bearing this face,
A stone
Over my cold body.

I must nourish this fire,
With tree limbs,
With wood.

I should,

In darkness.

As flames rise,
They hiss.

Drowning me
in dark space,

I am careless
What times I shall miss.

Around this fire,
Staying awake
until a fresh dawn.

Where skies cheerful,
Where ferries
scare them away
the strayed demons.


Breathing purple shadows,
Inhaling descent air.

May be,
I will pause for a while,

To think of

Anticipating in his cave.

He is jittery,
Suspended Henry.

Walking back and forth,
Then falling down,

Crying on the broken bench.

Besieged, my Henry!

I can't tell that boy,
I am helpless.



Will be flying by,
Under dark sky,

Eager to play a hero.

I keep changing
his course.

In shallow waters,
Amidst illusive elegant capes.

Only trilling,
Whistling winds,
Daughters of hurricanes,
her companion.

She could have reached

New York harbor!

By now.

Oh! yes.
I must write,
Even though,
I don't know how!

One eulogy, at least.

For an honest girl
they murdered,
those beasts.

Her name was


Around this fire,
Sipping coffee,
Sniffing saffron's aroma.

Sniffing wilderness,
When birds singing
a crescendo.

Rehearsing to greet
a lazy sun.


Very soon,

He will rise,
He will shine.

Yes yes
I will be fine.

A couple of days I need,
and I'll be fine indeed,

When I regain
The humble self,


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