Re-Cycled Teenager Poem by Ruth Walters

Re-Cycled Teenager

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Recycled teenager

The teenager was looking jaded,
all those late nights,
too long at a computer screen,
bags under his eyes
and all washed up as a sex God

but he had nice eyes, I could use those,
strong legs, they'd do for someone.
His brain might have been intact
bar all those cigarettes and vapes.
That screwed up that.

Still, we took him aboard the space craft,
took out all the good bits
and recycled him, including the skin
for our Zoganaughts with cellulite,
they were looking so untidy.

Since then, we've not returned
to planet earth. Too risky.
All those wars and workers striking.
Maybe in a hundred years,
if we need more parts.

Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

I think Ruth made up this word: Zoganaughts.............. Are they alien friends of hers from the unknown universe fo Zogan? ? ? bri : )

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Ruth Walters 08 March 2024

Yes, made up and from planet Zog heh heh

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Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

Ruth and READERS, I hope 'jaded' is clear to all. I had NOT heard all of the following definitions! ! (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

'jaded /jā′dĭd/ adjective 1 - Worn out; wearied. 2 - Dulled by surfeit; sated.3 - Cynically or pretentiously callous.' (I added the 1,2, and 3) I'll guess Ruth means # 3. : )

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Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

I guess 'jaded' definition 1 or 2. : ) I used to get jaded when I learned to tie my showstrings in 3rd grade. Now I have shoes with 'velcro' straps; they are GREAT! !

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Denis Mair 13 March 2024

I hope the Zogonauts would be able to recycle an old person's daydreams for their inspirational databanks. So it's important to keep our daydreams evergreen, not jaded.

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Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

FIVE STARS seems appropriate for a poem with astronomical leanings. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

stanza 2 makes more sense after I finished reading the poem. Nice one, Ruth! : ) I laughed at the last line & THIS ONE: 'took out all the good bits'

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Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

Being an Earthling for the last few decades, I think 'we' should capitalize/capitalise 'earth' as 'Earth'. Let's show a little respect for this little planet, after all. ;)

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Bri Edwards 14 February 2024

Ok, now I'm reading the LAST STANZA, and it seems I was 'on the right track' with my last comment (about stanza 3) ! !

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