Reflections Of Love Poem by Dawn Rodgers

Reflections Of Love

I see my reflections in the glass
the smile on my face
I knew it wouldn't last
I looked in your eyes
I listened to your voice
Your words sounded so sweet

Now my heart makes me feel as if I can't breathe

Still you pull me in
your charm runs deep...
all you have to do is speak...

I trusted you with my heart
thought you were the one
my heart you would safely keep

I sit wondering how it changed
one day we were making plans
the next day were just friends

Tears I shed
my fears I dread

Still you call
make me fall

I'm lost for words
Can't stop my love

my hearts in your hands
Please don't be like all the other men.

Bill Smith 03 August 2008

Can't stop my love very true Dawn we cannot stop love but we must with expereince learn to fight what does not give us everything we want, being a man myself I know only too well that some will take advantage of a percieved weakness in a woman, move on and find a love that loves you in equal measure

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Dawn Rodgers

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