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Fate Stepped in
stretched out its hand
Time stood still
it was part of the master plan

One Me
One You
Destiny Knew
A special time...

You walked through that door
and into my world
a whirlwind of emotions
the ride of my life

Dedicated to Nancy

Faithful & true
I can always count on you

As I walk this road called life,
I pause and take a second to contemplate all that has occured so far,
Although I've been through pain and strife...
I thank God for the blessings

I am your Ride or Die~
When I said I got u,
I meant it for life~

I love you...
Please tell me it's true
but no, those words don't mean a thang to you

I was fine,
My heart had healed
And along came you
You swept me off my feet

We sat in the park
under the blue sky,
the birds were singing in the trees above

Days turned to weeks...
weeks turned to months...
from the first night we shared
I knew we were destined,

I love you more than words can say,
but I realize that you don't love me...

You didn't love me yesterday,

I'm lost in time...
I hear the sound of your voice,
The tears run down my face as I remember your tender embrace,
I see your face,

If you could look inside my heart what would you see?
A mixture of colors as deep as the sea.

First you’d see gold like the sun reflecting off the horizon because my love is pure no other has my heart only you

Can my love for you be strong enough to draw you to me?
Can it reach across time and space and touch your heart?

Does the pain & ache of my heart as were apart extend itself as I desire to be by your side?

I walk around...
I breathe ...
I exist...

November 17,2008

A heart of stone
That’s what I’ll have

November 17,2008

I’m dying inside,
No longer want to ride,

November 17,2008

Go back to her,
See if I care,

November 17,2008

Who am I tryin’ to fool?

December 2,2008

Yesterday I touched you,
You held me,

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I believe in living life to the fullest and giving it all youv'e got. My life has been hard at times but I don't really have any regrets. I have six children 5 sons and one daughter. Three of my children are adults and I have three teenage boys still at home. My daughter lives with me also. I love music, R&B, and hip hop, I love the outdoors, just chillin', hangin' out with family and friends. I believe God is the answer and we need to try to do his will. Although I'm not really where I should be at this time in my life. I love with all my heart, whatever I do I give it my all. I believe in loyalty adn faithfulness and always having someones back. I enjoy fine things but I would give it all up for happiness and love.)

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Fate Stepped in
stretched out its hand
Time stood still
it was part of the master plan
Two hearts brought together
body and soul
minds were connected
they couldnt let go...

Seperated by time and space
yearning for each others embrace
Remembering the nights they shared
the laughter, the secrets
knowing that the future
together they would face...
She sighs to herself
as she hugs her pillow at night
wondering if he's hugging his tight..

Thinking of him everyday
Hoping that the days go by quickly,

Waiting for their union so she can give herself to him
never to depart
the rest of their lives they finally will start ...

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Dawn Rodgers Popularity

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