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Refugee Roundup - Poem by Saiom Shriver

Refugees, immigration, 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free', an infinitely complex subject.

The Department of Homeland Security. born of what millions consider a black op conducted by rogue elements in our own government, has been criticized as a redundant federal agency gobbling up the jobs of the FBI and Immigration at great cost. DHS's purchases have been questioned as unsupervised and unethical. DHS is currently rounding up refugees from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, sending them back to violence torn countries from which they escaped.

Dialogue between Mr A and Ms B:

A: We have hungry people here, with no jobs or health care. Our infrastructure is falling apart. We can't afford any more refugees.

B. Then stop the illegal wars which are hemorrhaging trillions of dollars, the spending of which bears only death, injury, destruction.

A. These people go to immigration court. It is due process.

B. Even when some go to court, most of that number have no attorneys.

A. They have no respect for our laws.

B. Each case is different. Many have come here legally. A certain percentage will face injury or death if they are forcibly returned.

A. The security of the United States is harmed by unchecked immigrants.

B. This roundup is family busting violence. People who've lived here for years are losing friends, jobs, possessions and homes.

A. Terrorists have come to the US in the guise of refugees.

B. Our government is bombing children, elders, animals and forests around the world. The best way to protect ourselves from violence is not to cause it. This is a job for the United Nations, not just one country. War is organized terrorism and the government has lied to us about the WTC bombing.

A. This is leading to a breakdown in law and order.

B. Most religions and ethical systems teach that we should feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. Where there is a loving will there is a way.

Topic(s) of this poem: refuge, terrorism, war, homelessness, hunger, immigration

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