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Dear friend.

Thank you very much that your eyelight ignites these poems into life. I have tried to walk on water and failed. These poems are coming to you from the bottom of the pond!
Thoughts are like birds entering and leaving the belltowers of our minds. We are not the origin of these Godgifts.

Both of my parents were gifted poets. How ...

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Weeding: Plant Racism

King Of All Coats Of Many Colors

The sun
pinks trees of peach
and purples the grapes
as he pumps and plumps

Steve Jobs

What are the jobs
of apple trees?
To breathe
and to be

My Sister

My sister: helicopter
rescue carrier
floating in sea that others
may fly

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02 January 2015

It snows at sea. Quiet falls in flakes. Melting designs... leave form for All

02 January 2015

You are the nectar, the hummingbird, the clover. You are the bloom, the bee, the OerHoverer. You are the child, the bond and the mother. You are the Love, the Beloved, the Lover.

02 January 2015

How do the words of the Peaceful Master become the tirades of warmonger pastors?

02 January 2015

Japanese beetles, unheralded seamstresses, sew eyelets in the rose and stitch lilacs to lilace

02 January 2015

''The sea: rocking cradle of the world.. sunset stairway to the stars..only by greatmasters trod... only written on by God.''

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L C Vieira 06 April 2012

I can picture your words. I think in images, in animation, video, sound - my artificial world trying to capture the imagery of - a patch of old forest floor. You remind us of what we often take for granted - the beauty and life in everything. Thank you!

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Lee Sharon 22 June 2008

hey! I've read some of your poems it is truthly amazing one of the best poet amoung all keep going.

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