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Reincarnation - Poem by jimmy zepp

Even though you're far away,
To get into your mind; there's a way,
There exists a way; telepathy?
Yes, it may sound a fantasy...
As you read these lines,
You can hide from my watching eyes,
They are somewhere, up in the sky,
I cannot answer, to say how and why,
Nothing happens without a prior cause,
But why you, why me, God only knows,
Maybe you believe in reincarnation,
For all these; the only logical manifestation,
Maybe you were my goldfish,
I took care of you in a bowl like dish,
Or I was your lovely pet,
You never slept when wasn't near your bed,
Or you were my sweet nightingale,
I kept you in a cage; you turned so pale,
Now you are flying away,
Into the arms of freedom you sway,
Maybe we were related in some kind of a bond,
You were my little sister of which I was very fond,
Maybe I was a knight and you were my fancy queen,
I admired you secretly, but about it never had came clean,
Maybe I was your beloved father,
Or even your elder brother,
What if you were my mother,
My rose, my eternal flower,
Questions, which might never find a proper answer,
But someday for sure we will be able to discover,
That were were just two lost souls,
Lost in two different black holes,
Trapped in that same old fear,
Year after year,
Dreaming to run over that same old ground,
Except deception, tell what have we found?
Except the same dropp of tear,
Oh how I wish you were here...

P.S. In this life you never reach a perfect goal, for perfection is Divine, but one must always be thankful for what God has offered him...

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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