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If I Can Change The World

If someday I sit on the top of this world,
Bring on changes with a single word,
Throw away hatred; spread only love,
Turn a vulture into a peaceful dove,

Thanks For The Memory

Thanks for the memory,
For a man; golden history,
Lived a life full of misery,
A true man; soul of ivory,

My Only Friend

Six strings, amazing wires and lovely notes,
The only interpreters of my bleeding thoughts,
You are always there; understand my quotes,
Burst them out from your frets and white dots…

* The Last Seed Of Trust

Through the bright lenses of my tear stained eyes,
Saw the sun; as it sinks and behind the horizon dies…
And in one of the corners of my mind’s foreign skies,
I saw my ghost; crawling out of the past and all its lies…

Let My Passion Grow

The passion of life,
We all agree it's a strife,
The passion of love,
Burning hot like a stove,

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p.a. noushad 01 January 2010

jimmy, you have the aptitude to write verses, nice

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Hey man, you're never too old to rock 'n' roll. I mean, Jimmy Page is 65, and he's still rockin' out.

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The passion of life, the passion of love, a silent strife, a burning stove...

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