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If someday I sit on the top of this world,
Bring on changes with a single word,
Throw away hatred; spread only love,
Turn a vulture into a peaceful dove,

Thanks for the memory,
For a man; golden history,
Lived a life full of misery,
A true man; soul of ivory,

Six strings, amazing wires and lovely notes,
The only interpreters of my bleeding thoughts,
You are always there; understand my quotes,
Burst them out from your frets and white dots…

Through the bright lenses of my tear stained eyes,
Saw the sun; as it sinks and behind the horizon dies…
And in one of the corners of my mind’s foreign skies,
I saw my ghost; crawling out of the past and all its lies…

The passion of life,
We all agree it's a strife,
The passion of love,
Burning hot like a stove,


Don't bother yourself, and build a wall around you,
Don't close the window, let the sun pass through,
Don't be afraid, that ghost has long passed away,
Don't fear that man, now flying on the Milky Way...

They say love; Love is blind,
And true love is hard to find,
It makes you wonder now you're yesterdays news,
At the bitter end of a love affair,

Eyes are starring now through an opened window,
Where once a white pigeon used to find shelter…
Now your look is so sad just like a lonely widow,
Remembering times when you were so healthier…

When a person turns to wrong,
Is it a want to be, belong?
Part of things at any cost,
At what price a life is lost?

Leave me alone, oh sweet dream,
Let me live my life, or whatever left of it,
Diminish your last vital beam,
I can walk in darkness; for Hell I am fit…

People look and people stare,
Well I don't think that I even care,
I work my life away and what do they give?
Seems I'm only killing myself in order to live...

Lonely is my world,
Not a single word…

Still live in shame,

Did we ever ask about what concerned us more?
Did we make a chart about what we hate or we adore?
Well, don’t forget my friend that we are all mortals,
Often we walk against our principles and morals…

Commenting had become a taboo for all those who like to nod,
Only the arrogance-equipped personalities can set the code,
All they say is a heavenly truth; whereas you yell in wilderness,
And they assure that God won't hear all who by his name bless...

Three names and a date,
The finish line of your fate,
Wide open you find Heaven’s gate,
Too many old friends; waiting for a mate…

Don’t believe yourself, you poor dreamer boy,
Be always reluctant, of that fake inspiring joy,
It’s the flame of your sick hallucinating dream,
Or even the anger of your heavy life-style theme,

I disembarked in eighty nine,
On the shores of life; walked a line,
Armed with a heart; shy as early sunshine,
Couple of eyes; unlike others, sad were mine,

If you ask me where?
I'll not find a proper answer...
Here or there?
In laughter or in anger,

Even though you're far away,
To get into your mind; there's a way,
There exists a way; telepathy?
Yes, it may sound a fantasy...

Sometimes destiny is too harsh,
In its steady and silent march,
Death is always ahead of us,
In this world of needless fuss,

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The passion of life, the passion of love, a silent strife, a burning stove...)

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If I Can Change The World

If someday I sit on the top of this world,
Bring on changes with a single word,
Throw away hatred; spread only love,
Turn a vulture into a peaceful dove,
Make a beauty out of the beast,
That won’t be the last or the least,
I’ll delet discrimination,
Human humiliation,
Make rivalry people shaking hands,
Apologize for their shameful demands,
Open the gates of this big prison,
Let there be light; based on reason,
Money just a way to buy our needs,
Not a motive for bloody deeds,
Nations hailing through borders,
No barbed-wires for keeping orders,
And water for all to drink,
No poverty; lots of milk,
Food for Africa,
Justice to America,
Terror out of Arabia,
Stability to Somalia,
Solidarity to Lebanon,
My beloved country; suffered nation…

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p.a. noushad 01 January 2010

jimmy, you have the aptitude to write verses, nice

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Hey man, you're never too old to rock 'n' roll. I mean, Jimmy Page is 65, and he's still rockin' out.

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