Brandon Bellehumeur

Reminiscence - Poem by Brandon Bellehumeur

You know there was a time I thought I'd have you forever
Maybe this led me to do some things I shouldn't have done
But you set me straight showed me it could end whenever
With you I have had some much to do until everything got spun
Need I forget foreclose or disclose you from my life
No I am to try and show my love and my apologies
For hurt you may have been but I am to show I've been given my strife
All those victories I've had through technicalities
How have I done these things to you?
Might I be as bold to try again?
Without you I am left without you so blue
So please let you dropp on me your entire bane
For I can know I must take this and shall I suffer or perish no I shall vanquish
I shall do all my will permits to hold you, my arms you shall regain!
Alas I fear I am diluted or shall I be but foolish
I seek a chance a new beginning but not with you,
I need the gentle caress, not painful pride of that I have enough
Shall I be blessed with company so sweet as yours or another's so bonds shall glue,
I must give credit for you were there even when I had the slightest cough,
Shall we meet once more I shall continue to walk astray?
This I do not know what shall be done for I have been such a crazed fool,
At first I felt as if you had been there only to betray but now I realize `tis I who betray
I had used you as nothing more than a simplistic affection tool,
Yet when I see you I see nothing more than jubilation
In my mind you cease to flutter, said sarcastically
Even though I would give anything to see you leave it and freely roam
I tried to win your heart once again as it slipped away I schemed maliciously
Yet I have kept every last object writ sent to me every last poem
If only what had been said cruelly could be rewritten,
If only I could take your breath away one last time
Ah this would leave me to be for the most part smitten'
I think thoughts so incredibly sublime
But knowing I had one last kiss would be the most cruel torture,
As I have learnt a great lesson from your teachings and point of view
Thoughts of you and only you had suddenly arose when I awaited departure
Your eyes that remind me of the morning's lovely dew,
I am left with fond memories as well as a terrible nightmare
Nightmares! Yet I would never give them up, they're all I got
I reminisce all the sufferance you left me to bare,
I really never saw this coming something I had never thought has left wreckage of what you wrought,
Still you play away in my mind my mischief all actions I filled with sorrow so bitter
Yet you my dear as I once had privilege to call you were all I ever sought.
The scent of perfume borrowed so proudly is left as my reminder
I sit here now deep in thought of your skin so lush
Wishing hoping to regain what I have so perilously gambled away
You were my pride and joy just your voice made me content it was my royal flush
Alas I Rigby is left to the dogs in a state of great dismay,
People tell me to move on or that I'll find another but I fear shall I find none like you? Not in the least,
I was savage seeking pray and upon my return I found my prey to be the one I held so dear to such a beast,
I was so long blind and when my eyes had revealed what had been done I felt nothing no passion, no love I only felt shame,
Not once did I think of how you felt or even questioned,
In my mind I am he who willingly takes your blame
Alas I never even realized mine own bane although am left to ponder if it was mentioned
You once told me that when I babbled it was found to be cute that from then on every time I would babble I had a hidden blush,
And now I am left to blindly run,
One sorrowful look on your face showed me the hidden emotion which turned my heart to mush
Yet I look upon the past with such awe believing in a bond so destine thought to be so tightly spun
My words now have come to an end,
I think of but one thing those eyes so gorgeously blue
I remember once so long ago I would have your love on which I would depend
I wrote all this may it be insignificant to you to say one last mournful sorrow I had my greatest of all sorrow at that but a strange sorrow not happy neither sad only this and nothing more I love you!

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 8, 2012

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