Don Nguyen

Reminiscence - Poem by Don Nguyen

I often recall the first days I arrived at our forum with enthusiasm of a little boy, who went to a 'toy store', the place full of intellectual giants and honorable poets.

I spent much time gazed over their windows to see their poems being displayed or rehearsed, back and forth among themselves, while nobody even knew I was standing there clumsily with my new toy begging someone to play with, sheepishly comparing my poems to those of the professional and sensational.

I checked many times per day how my ranking climbed up the 0-500 scale; trying so hard to write to get noticed, but I could never beat out my friends Leaf and Gaj.

Even an unknown vulgar girl who claimed herself poet ranked so far ahead of me, making me so irritated. What the heck did she call that poetry, I must write a poem to complain about this outrageous clandestine scheme; for she got quite a bit of followers, all young men from all over the world.

I said to myself, well, I came here for a noble purpose, so I could ignore her and everybody to mind my own business which was writing love poems for the one and only my Lord.

Somehow for some mysterious reasons, one cheerful charming female poet noticed me, and she got hooked me, changed or rather turned my world upside down; and the rest of the story most of you already had known; so I don't need to repeat.

Everything in my life has happened for a purpose, which is to carry out the will of God.

All things are laid on the road I travel daily, brought and planned by Him; so I am not worried much, just accept and learn the lesson it has taught; in order to see the divine Hand in all which have taken place.

The strange twist today fits perfectly in that pattern; for I have longed to see the good old days of our forum return in which every one sings and dances with his or her own poetic music. Everyone can display her own talent and aspiration in her colorful tunic without one strong personality who rages and dominates or a precious beautiful princess being adored by all except by me of course.

I long for the day some poets sing so well that no one will miss my stealthy withdrawal out of the door to return to my normal life which I so much long for; put my poetry skill on shelf for sometimes I feel like it is just a puzzle games with metaphors and words.

To carry out my plan, I have recently planned to write short and sweet love lessons based on Scripture verses, deriving some undefined hidden insights disguised with wit and laughter to add some charm to religious poems.
Hopefully it will satisfy everyone, men and women both, also PH forum administrator who just monitor and hope for everyone to play by the fair rules and be happy; of course high audience rating during morning noon and night is left understood, no need to mentioned out singly.

And last but not least, I always feel bad that my coming and being here indeed did cause my female poet's friend Madeleine much agonized unhappiness, Even though she said I had brought the new meaning for her life, which echoed in her cries, I can only now see the worst; therefore, it makes me feel blue almost everyday.

I really hope you tone down on your lavishing praises or display of your affection toward me or any single individual; because we are a fraternal poet club where everyone and all should be treated with equal dignity and respect.

I now do miss greatly the poets' names I haven't heard for a long time and from the bottom of my heart I forever treasure our memories which we have built together.

Please now we all remain quiet and still to reminisce; but if you want to cause a riot, go ahead but don't blame me!

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  • (10/30/2013 11:19:00 AM)

    We must transform ourselves into a meadow od poetic flowers
    or we won't survive. Period. not because of one person either.
    We must write independently, colorfully, artfully, stylistically, even romantically.
    I am just saying it because I want to leave; for if our dream happen, why should I leave?

    No more fighting please.
    I am walking home.
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  • (10/30/2013 11:06:00 AM)

    All my poet friends,
    Please calm down, what I just meant is that NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE except...
    I will tone down romantic sentiment in my poems
    to promote faith and love only
    but doing it in certain way that it does not appear too dried or offending anyone, ok?
    but I posted it through a lengthy poem because I was in the reminiscent mood
    Did I get someone mad by talking about the past memories?
    Life among poets are so hard!
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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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