Ismim Putera

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Removed - Poem by Ismim Putera

by Ismim Putera

My father said,
'The time has come for you to 'bersunat''
Wearing a kain pelikat,
And he brought me to the nearby clinic.
The doctors and nurses were ready,
I was laid down on the couch, half-naked,
I was shivering in fear.
As they started to cut it,
I was in pain, my father said to me:
'mengucap, it will lessen the pain'
The whole procedure lasted almost one hour.

At home,
The pain came again, and this time it was worst,
Probably the effect of painkiller had worn off.
I endured the pain patiently until I fall asleep.
Every morning, my mother assisted me
In removing the plaster and bandage,
And change the dressing and apply cream over the wound.
I was forbidden from eating the black soy sauce ketchup,
As it can cause it to turn black.
I was not allowed to eat prawns as well,
As it can cause it to itch and difficult to scratch.
After one week the wound healed and I was able to ambulate.

During my father times,
They have to bath icy water early in the morning,
To make it numb and stiff,
Easier to be cut,
And less pain and bleeding,
After that,
The pain was the worst thing they ever felt in their childhood,
They would be rather being stung by hundred bees.
The pain,
Tells them at the adulthood
Is not easy

Now I know the procedure was called circumcision,
As a religious rituals,
To prepare for adulthood
Nowadays they even use lasers to cut it,
With much more pain killers.
It not only removes the excess foreskin of the gland penis,
But removed excess immaturity and childish part of me.

Topic(s) of this poem: Religion

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