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Renewed Angel - Poem by Dante Vail

she smiles.
she laughs.
she doesn't cry like she used to.
she may not love me.
or atleast the way she used to.
But it doesn' matter.
I will still protect her.
I will still help her.
I don't care if the demon hates me.
He can get over himself.
He is stuborn.
He may control her.
but her love for me is still strong in her heart.
she may not say it.
But she knows it.
Yes she may love someone else.
but i will not stop her.
its her life not mine.
i believe i can trust him.
they seem to have things in common.
He is a protector.
just like I.
He cares for her.
just like me.
He knows her secret.
Just as I do.
she loves him.
he may love her.
Its to close to tell.
we are making her a renewed angel.
a new angel that smiles and laughs.

for Victoria Dupree

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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