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I listen to the gurgle of my coffee maker,
knowing that my morning will soon end.
Daylight is temptation to stop sleeping.
Night and day soon begin to blend.

Time is the fiend that must be conquered,
Loneliness beckons me to stall.
A woman such as you would never answer.
If liquor gave me courage to make the call.

I test the very limits of endurance,
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LOVEFOOL Aka 21 June 2009

Wow, no I mean WOW this is a very good write, deep and emotional 10+++

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Duh Huh 20 June 2009

Wow John, you dug in deep with this one and it works. Its touching and i love it all though this is my favorite :) I test the very limits of endurance, and deny to all that’s holy that I weep. The man I was is now but a resemblance. Rejection hurt me hard and hit me deep. Artfully expressed. Thank you for sharing your talent. A def 10++++++

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Linda Ori 19 June 2009

How sad that rejection has the power to pull the rug out from under our self-confidence. But to think that pity would lead to compassion, is even worse. This is definitely a depressing read, John. I suspect most of us have been there at least once, maybe more than once. You nailed it! Linda : -)

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Ridge Cahill 08 June 2009

I read this on the forum and liked it very much. There is something sullen (and desperate) about this piece that many will find a connection with – the fact that it has balance and is very well written makes it a pleasure to read in spite of the sullenness (if that makes any sense) . Well done, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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