Retro 1,2,3,4 In Structured Prose Poem by Brian Strand

Retro 1,2,3,4 In Structured Prose

Retro 1
Emotion & feelings, active, no
longer passing fads of intervening years.
A latter day passion, now fading from
view along a different path I now stride.
Hastened by love, poignant, as a moth
to a flame to paraphrase a truth.Willing
to take a risk, each aspect leaves its mark
as sunlight upon the mundane.
Retro 2
Humble stirrings of our spheres,
flowers of inner feelings in a retrospective
of words, made now, for the
moment. From heart to pen,
to heart. Inner & outer thoughts
this capacity to evoke, soul to soul.
Roses from the flush of youth, petal
by petal the unconscious to impart.
Moving images of the intellect,
intangible yet speechless, felt &
seen, said sounds to paraphrase
the resonance of truth.
Retro 3
So little done, the pathos of things,
this nearly man caught in ignorance
on a lonely path where tempo treads
softly, alone. A time out for heartache,
primeval feelings sitting on a volcano
in a bleak mid winter. Living for today
one thing leads to another.. out of the blue.
A catch this miracle, a
glimpse of the soul.. petal by petal
being doubly blessed.
Retro 4
Opening my eyes, I dream on..
a beacon of colour, a blaze of words,
flying high from a higher radiance
in light & space, a passionate silence
where reality shows. Simple as
breathing, beyond the material,
and words in season hidden from
view, under the surface, persistent
thoughts, infectious multiplicity as
the glitter of dew. Common place
just words in harmony on a
shifting springboard, butterfly
moments concentrated & alive.

Saturday, December 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle
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