Returning From A Fair Poem by Nazim ZarSinner

Returning From A Fair

On August Eighth Twenty Nineteen,
Had gone to a fair in evening.
For so long there, I had not been,
So, my keenness was on full swing.

When I return'd, the night had come,
And some dim lights I saw far-off.
The charming dark, though not welcome
Had darken'd road, old stones, made of.

The road jumps in rural Punjab,
I found in dark on all my way.
Because I saw 'to me they grab',
I was fearful to go astray.

Then I crossed Pakpattan Canal,
And came to know, Rangshah* was that.
The town was lit with lights over all,
To see the place, for time I sat.

Had a still of Khartoum** near Nile***
With a scene I found at that town
I could not see to a clear mile
Water was muddy, looked dark brown

The dim lights flickered on the waves,
And winds blew to enhance the lights.
By God, I haven't gone to caves,
Really, had seen a few such nights

Enjoyed the calm for a long time
When it was dark and dark indeed
I left the scene and it's regime
And drove to home at utmost speed

Had light, the night was deadly dark
I remembered the time of light
The time spent on seeing the mark
Had left me alone in arms of night

August 09,2019 ___________________________________ ABOUT THE FAIR Hazrat Jati Usman (Radi Allah Anho) had been the only Sufi saint among my ancestors. His Tomb is about 6 kilometers from Rangshah in the south. A fair is celebrated every year on Had'h 24 in the Aryan calendar at his tomb and is attended by several thousand devotees. The claim made by a sweetmaker that he was the last person to sell sweets at ₨100/kg, proved to be true. ___________________________________ * A bus stop and town on the Pakpattan Canal between Arifwala and Pakpattan ** the capital city of Sudan *** Refers to a picture of Khartoum city
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