Rodin’s, ‘the Thinker- Poet’ Poem by Dr John Celes

Rodin’s, ‘the Thinker- Poet’

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Auguste Rodin’s bronze-man sits,
(A muscled-body, nude to core) ,
In stooping posture, chin on fist,
Neck-flexed, a worried, smile-less face,
- Reflecting mind in thoughts, all deep.

The sculptor’s impeccable craft
Is evident in all details:
A haunting depth of vision cast,
Precisely –made contours and lines,
Revealing skill par excellence.

An example to art-lovers;
A master-piece that’s almost live;
A glorious work that’s immortal;
A metal fashioned so real-
Inviting crowds that never cease!

Who was the Thinker, Rodin made?
-Plato, Brando, Nietzsche or else?
Undeciphered, it yet remains;
A dejected, French lad’s effort,
That brought him luck in later times,
To build monuments of import.

The haunted mind of poor Rodin,
Thus resurrected sculpting art,
That almost dead lay, at that time,
Inspiring artists of new class,
That saw sculpturing techniques great.

Perhaps, the Thinker was Dante,
In front of Hell’s Gates pondering-
A naked man, upon a rock,
His mind engrossed in vivid dreams,
Creating poetry superb.

The Thinker was a Poet then!
A Poet’s mind must think a lot;
Imagining things those never seen;
A mind inspired from within,
Triggered by Nature’s glorious forms.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 4-18-2008

H-P. Runge 09 March 2021

The poet is Rodin! All others are thinkers.

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Dr John Celes

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