Romeo, Juliet And The Silhouette Poem by Ben Akinpelumi

Romeo, Juliet And The Silhouette

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🌹Romeo, Juliet and the Silhouette🌹
Once upon a time before
women knew about the joy
of having concubines,
Romeo was so in love with his
head buried in the dark clouds,
screaming out loud on his
Facebook time-line, talking about
how he looks forward to produce
a new bloodline with his future wife,
beauty in a moment, life
is beautiful when you're blind
and can't see the darkness hidden
behind a closed eyelid.
Now Juliet was mourning pulling
the white sheets whilst a Silhouette
was drilling what wasn't his,
Juliet would come back to the apartment
and lie about overtime and how
her boss shouted a little bit too loud,
and how she is too tired to cook,
she goes straight to the bed,
unlock her phone with a labyrinth pattern,
opens up her messages and smiles
at the image of her Silhouette
while Romeo is in the dining room
perusing through the wedding magazines
and writing down his vows,
writer's block, he can't think when he's nervous,
but he's too happy he can't stop grinning,
heart emojis sent to the Silhouette,
the false joy, the sweet sin,
she keeps playing the scene
of her climax in her head's pith,
she really can't wait to see him again
tomorrow after her work shift,
Romeo bows down and prays even though
he's not really religious,
but you know love can change perspectives,
Romeo calls his parents and talks
about how he's gonna propose
to this lady who's a rose to him,
being in the darkness is bittersweet,
he's in love and she's above his
resolutions thinking of the Silhouette
whom she loves to pounce,
sweet crime...
Love is blind,
Romeo can't really notice that
there's another man singing lullabies
to his future wife,
Juliet is busy bragging to her friends,
talks about how Romeo is
so boring and yet the Silhouette is
exciting for her,
she says he spices her life
with some sexual old spice,
she's above the clouds with a serpent
that stalls to sting her when she
doesn't expect it...
Now, before Romeo proposed,
Juliet was in a car with the Silhouette,
on her way to the guy's mating nest,
Romeo is no longer even within
the shadow of her mind,
she has fallen for some guy with
no visible face,
Romeo awaits with a diamond ring
inside his back pocket,
his brain sockets are twitching,
he has already planned his love life
and how many kids will be inhabiting
Juliet's womb,
on the flip side of the coin Juliet
screams and enjoys all the orgasms,
she's overjoyed and lost in the limbo
of her flesh, she's above heaven,
she rides the tower of Babel and
loses the tune of her tongue,
she forgets how to utter words,
future wife with a broken mind,
her heart races, her lungs' pace increases,
but she has forgotten that she has
a history of heart disease
from her own family,
so the serpent excites her heart,
she's screaming, and screams,
and screams,
the heart also screams, and screams,
tear drops, and then everything stops,
dying with a smile, lying naked on
the bed, dead and empty, like a
dead hen she lies, the Silhouette
is panicking, everything on him shrinks,
he picks up his clothes, races out of
the hotel room, the future wife;
Juliet is no more, the serpent has stung...
Now Romeo falls asleep on the couch
and waits for his future mother
of his fantasy kids,
5: 30 in the morning, before the
birds start mourning,
the police are knocking on the door
and Romeo springs up from his dreams,
thinking it's his beautiful Juliet
coming in, he's smiling recklessly,
then he opens the door,
he's astonished and asks the police
'why the sudden morning visit',
they ask him if he knows a woman
called Juliet Capulet, and he glances
and only nodes before he tries to
hold everything together...
The police sit him down and explain
everything, he excretes every teardrop
and sweats from his open pores,
open sores, silent tone,
crickets can't even disrupt the silence,
tears, mucus, sweat and saliva,
he's drowning in his own fluids,
he pukes out his confidence,
broken inside, the police then tell
him that she was also pregnant,
but he doesn't remember sleeping
with her, they had a promise of
keeping themselves for marriage,
now it's double trouble haunting his mindset,
"she told me she was a virgin,
I trusted her and thought she was
honest with me as the one "...
depression and disgust,
she is gone and he is too emotional,
he's can't find the off switch of his
never-ending grief,
he's floating in his mind like a
light feather...
Then another man enters the room,
it's Romeo's brother,
he says he just came to visit
from downtown....
Ow... Romeo's brother is the Silhouette! ! ! !
❗am Ben Akinpelumi

Romeo, Juliet And The Silhouette
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